Bringing the human spark to a digital world, Laura is CWE’s Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist. She’s also a PMP® Certified Project Manager and CSM® Certified Scrum Master whose approach is as effective as it is agile. At her best when play meets precision, she is a storyteller with an analytical edge, balancing creativity and possibility with results. A founder of a boutique consulting firm, Laura’s experience ranges from crown corporations to the store next door. She is passionate about bringing big ideas to life, with an approach that is deeply rooted in problem-solving, people-centric values and a relentless exploration of possibilities. Laura thrives in scenarios that demand inventive thinking and strategic savvy, armed with an eclectic toolkit—and her personal must-haves, a rainbow of dry-erase markers. Whether shaping growth, sharing stories or inspiring change, Laura is not just meeting expectations; she’s busy redefining them with a wink and a smile.